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For centuries, human beings have sung songs of protest to fire up enthusiasm for their cause, to inspire change and to give heart under difficult and challenging situations. Men and women from mine to mill, in fields and factories, on railways and streets have written songs of protest. Some began life as impromptu singing in gatherings or crowds; other songs were composed at request or due to inspirational events in the knowledge of, or witness to, events of human suffering. 


These 6 Protest Songs are arranged for unaccompanied trumpet. There is limited material available in this area so these are a much needed and welcome addition. They can be performed on Bb, C Trumpet or Cornet. The upper range is C, two octaves above middle C but only in a couple of the arrangements. These arrangements are suitable for anyone of grade 8 standard and beyond. They can be performed either as a complete set or individually or in combinations. The book also contains a duet at the end based on the Protest Song The Rich and the Poor Man.




For solo trumpet (unaccompanied) - can be played on the C or Bb trumpet.




Grade D Advanced Grades 7-8 ABRSM & TC Exam standard



1. The Peatbog Soldiers (sung in Nazi Concentration Camps by prisoners)

2. Let Us All Speak Our Minds (from the suffrage movement - US)

3. When Wilt Thou Save The People? (19th Century - English)

4. Oh Freedom (18th and 19th Century Slave Song - US)

5. Jefferson and Liberty (19th Century - US)

6. Thoughts Are Free (The Peasants’ War of 1524-26 - German)

Bonus Duet - The Rich and the Poor Man (16th century English)

Pandon Unaccompanied Trumpet Series Songs of Protest

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